Style me up #5

Andrew Davis

Meltin’Pot is happy to announce its collaboration with International stylist/blogger Andrew Davis for its 5th example of this creative initiative in which 12 international stylists/ bloggers each style and show their personal interpretation of the brand using selected images. To date not only has each of the stylists/bloggers preceding Andrew successfully captured the spirit of the brand, in terms of not only styling diversity but also the use of different mediums from straight photography through to illustration and the cultural diversities very visible.

Andrew works Internationally as a stylist even if London based and has a rich and varied background within the industry. A central St Martin’s graduate, Davis was Style Editor at the infamous Brit Face Magazine and went onto to be Fashion Director at Arena magazine and Arena Homme Plus. He has styled shows for some major designer brands and has worked with celebrities including Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, Mariah Carey, Tinie Tempah and Uma Thurman. He regularly contributes to Hero, Love magazine, Interview and L’ Uomo Vogue and Hercules. Interesting fact – Andrew was a pastry chef before moving into fashion!
His looks for Meltin’Pot are each very diverse from one another but all share one common theme -Easy-. All the shots feature highly wearable masculine pieces to wear when you’re hanging out with your mates. Buddy fashion.

Andrew’s 10 hot seasonal tips are:

  1. Double Denim – Mix different washes of Denim.  Washed out denim shirt with dark denim jeans.
  2. Summer Layers – Combine classic white T shirt with a white vest over the top. (the vest should be one size up from the T ).
  3. Reinvent Brogue – Take your old pair of Brouges and remove the laces and replace with Neon orange or Cyan blue laces.
  4. Rainwear Update – Freshen up that old military Parka by belting with a skinny brown belt. Get through the UK’s wettest summer.
  5. Button It – Cut off the buttons on last seasons must have denim shirt and replace with Bright acid coloured buttons.
  6. Jazz up- the arms on an old pair of shade with metallic tape
  7. Happy Feet – Steer clear of flip flops. Hide those ugly toes in a pair of Espadrilles
  8. Treat yourself – Splash out on a new pair of shoes this season
  9. Repair an old friend – Did the moths feast on your favorite cashmere jumper last winter ? get the holes repaired by the Cashmere Doctor
  10. Spot on – Take an old denim jacket, randomly place coins over the sleeve. In a plant spray water bottle dilute 1 Part bleach to 10 parts warm water.  Spray over the sleeves and leave to dry in the sun. (repeat on the back of sleeves) .