Style me up #9

DANDY project for MELTIN’POT

Meltin’Pot reaches the last round of the first edition of Style Me Up

Being a “dandy” is not so outdated and old-fashioned as it sounds. This is demonstrated by Izzy Tuason, author of the blog “The Dandy Project”, which in its virtual space loves to talk about menswear with focus on “do-it-yourself” projects , young, innovative designers, not to mention references to movies, music, culture pop and a dose of interesting news about the creative processes that move the entire fashion world.

Izzy Tuason is a freelance journalist, graduated from Boston University in the Science of Advertising.

The three looks by Izzy are:


Meltin Pot denim shirt (mod. MS006 D1383 RW000) and jeans(mod. MISFITS D1401 RK002), Number Nine shoes, vintage cuff, native American watch band on Casio watch
I wanted to lend an air of dandiness to the rugged double-denim look by slicking my hair back clean, stuffing a pocket square into the shirt pocket, and accessorizing with bold native American jewelry.


Meltin Pot navy sweater (mod. MK011 K9639 BL98),vintage DIY cutoff shorts, aviator sunglasses, , Cartier watch and Airedale bracelet, vintage Gucci shoes.
This chunky navy Meltin’ Pot sweater reminded me of country clubs and yachts and the seaside.  I paired it with my own vintage white cutoff shorts, classic Gucci loafers and a watch from my father.


Aviator sunglasses, vintage cashmere scarf, Thom Browne cardigan, Meltin Pot olive green pants (mod. MP0011 G2210 VN86), vintage Florsheim shoes.
I loved the fabric and fit on these Meltin’ Pot olive green pants, and the color reminded me of an urban huntsman.  On a stroll around New York City’s Central Park, I wore it with a plaid cardigan and a thick Scottish cashmere scarf.

Here are my 10 styling tips for spring 2012:

  1. Double denim – Wearing denim with more denim makes for a cool, rugged look.
  2. Pastels – After seasons of either non-color or supersaturated color, I’m warming up to pastels; mint green, periwinkle: easy and breezy.
  3. Cut jeans into shorts – In the summer, feel free to cut your jeans into shorts; even if they’re a little big, they would still look fine as cutoffs.
  4. Sweater – Have a good sweater handy for those breezy summer nights; a nice navy sweater is always good with shorts.
  5. Bling – Jewelry, be it the skinniest chain necklace or the blingyest college ring, helps make typically one-layered summer outfits infinitely more interesting.
  6. Glasses – Find the perfect pair of sunglasses, appropriately shaped and well-made, and have it glued to your face all day.
  7. Play with your hair – Play with your hair and confound your friends: slick your hair back when in a t-shirt and sandals, and let it hang loose and free when wearing a smart linen suit.
  8. Facial hair – If genetics permit, feel free to experiment with a beard or a mustache, good stubble can make the most plainly dressed man handsome.
  9. T-shirt – A great t-shirt, in black or white, will be a great canvas for a lot of your spring/summer clothes; I like one with a slightly wider than usual neck opening, in a thin, breathable cotton jersey.
  10. Fit – Find jeans that fit you most flatteringly, and stick to those: wear them everyday, wash sparingly, and always buy extras.