Style me up #6

Style me up 6 / with Stefano Guerrini
Professor of Fashion, Journalist, Stylist and author of the super followed blog

Continuing along the creative path of Meltin’Pot’s “Style Me Up”, the international styling project that entrusts some of the best international style bloggers from around the globe, to create some winning seasonal trends and looks for the brand.

Following on from the examples of stylist and blogger Andrew Davis, Pelayo Diaz, Tokyo Dandy… to name a few, in celebration of the Fall Winter 2011-12 Meltin’Pot’s men’s collection, Style Me Up entrusts the knowing taste and style of Stefano Guerrini. Guerrini is not only a fashion writer, professor of fashion, stylist but also the author of the super followed blog

“When I was asked to join the Style Me Up project, it immediately came to mind the song” Dress You Up “by Madonna and on that note I began to imagine what I would do. It was an immediate and passionate involvement, that I have with all the things I like and have a strong feel for from the outset. “

Stefano’s emotional approach in his interpretation of the 3 Meltin’Pot outfits for the winter season, which, by choice, don’t portray him as the principal protagonist, are worn by the model Ziga and immortalized by the photographer Omar Machiavelli.

“I created a real fashion shoot,” says the pro -Guerrini, who likes to define himself as a “pop archaeologist, and enthusiastic researcher of style.” He has in fact skillfully chosen the more sought after denim washes within the collection alongside the workwear chino styles from the more contemporary part of the line alongside warm sweaters and plaid shirts with unexpected details.

But the overwhelming Freudian touch of the Guerrini-man is not absent: “The looks proposed are those that I would wear myself. These are the combinations that I would have chosen for myself. And for this reason, I could not forget my personal accessories, badges: the ubiquitous scarf, vintage watch, bracelets … which are an aspect which are never minimalist. ” Just like the ones that have made him through seasons, fashions and trends a distinguished character and personality, that is constantly photographed outside of the seasonal shows.

So let’s revel in and enjoy this winning combination: Meltin’Pot collection A / W 2011 and the accessories from the ‘”Guerrini Archive”.

Online from the 10th September 2011
Every look will be available for purchase for a limited period on

photo: Omar Macchiavelli /
model: Ziga / Urban Agency

10 Exclusive Styling tip for the Fall Winter 2011/12 season by Stefano Guerrini.

  1. Scarves are one of the hallmarks of my personal style. Especially if vintage. To wear also, especially in contrast.
  2. A superstoned denim, but worn with a Bon Ton sweater I love the contamination of style!
  3. Comfy is in! No more Superskinny pants!
  4. Love to transcend trends. Twisted cords or bracelets that your loved ones gave you are always in fashion.
  5. Boys in the hood! I love hooded sweaters in winter.
  6. Watches are in. For years I didn’t wear them, limiting myself to checking on the cell phone. But recently I found some original seventies ones, still working, in a market. It was love at first sight!
  7. A thin belt, but worn as a bracelet, a tie as a scarf and untied! For a touch of unpredictability.
  8. A denim jacket even in the colder months. I suggest you wear it with a tartan shirt or black turtleneck tight sweater. To remember the look of Gerard Malanga, who collaborated with Warhol, the Factory Playboy.
  9. A colorful accessories can brighten a day, even those rainy autumn ones.
  10. Dare to be different. Dare to be a lone voice. Even when it comes to style.