Style me up #4

Pelayo Díaz for

A Saint Martin’s school graduate in fashion & design and editor Pelayo Díaz represents in every sense what we call an it-boy. Pelayo loves introducing to his 10,500 daily followers new brands, trends and looks an this is exactly what he has done for the Style Me Up project- presenting the Spring Summer ‘11 Meltin’ Pot collection ’11 and to celebrate it’s recently relaunched online store.

London is such an inspiring city, you can spend a whole day just people watching while seating at a café in Shoreditch.
The three looks I’ve worn are the kind of clothes I’d choose to walk around East London in, where I live. For an easy look around Brick Lane I love a check short sleeve shirt like CLIFF the PRESTON denim shorts, as I feel relaxed yet trendy. For lunch with friends at Spitalfields Market, a summery yet not too heavy look- the white MP002 jeans and the MS002 shirt, light and comfy. And for a walk around the gorgeous Columbia Rd’s flower market on a Sunday nothing better than this MJ001 denim jacket with a pair of beige MP006 trousers, an easy jet set London fitted look.

Styling tips:

  1. Don’t forget about the accessories, a nice silk little scarf around your neck will make an outfit complete without looking too planned.
  2. Leave aside unbuttoned shirts and jackets but with the first, and sometimes second, button undone.
  3. Roll up all your long trousers and shirts, even if they are the right length for an instant cool look.
  4. Bags are also for men! Carry your own bag and make all the girls jealous.
  5. Clothes are important but nothing is more impressive that an impeccable quiff. Watch always for new hairstyles.
  6. Guys with nail polish are the biggest statement you can make.
  7. Wear belts over jackets and coats for a more interesting shape.
  8. Personal favourite: wear shorts during winter
  9. Choose t-shirts or shirts with a touch of camouflage or liberty flower prints.
  10. Always walk around with something in your hand like your phone or a moleskine.