SLIM FIT since the 1800s

The style originated in the 1800s, being descended from knee breeches, and possibly stemming from the Mughlai Churidars which were tied below the knee. These “pantaloons,” popularised by fashionable Englishmen like Beau Brummel, were worn high on the waist, and tied around the ankle, commonly being put into boots. Pants, which had come to mean tight-fitting trousers, but now just a synonym, eventually loosened up at the end of the nineteenth century. read more about the slim fit here.

The one on the picture is the Meltin’Pot ‘Mariette’, a super washed blue denim, broken and mended to create a shading effect from blue to grey. This denim quality has a very sophisticated and unique appeal, balancing the comfort soul of the yarn with the most contemporary fashion desire. Buy the Mariette here.