Online radio show – CHANGES WITH WOLVES

Based in New York City, the DJ collective Chances With Wolves is Kenan Juska, Kray, and Mikey Palms. They broadcast a weekly show on East Village Radio, an internet radio station wedged into a nook between two storefronts in downtown Manhattan. Juska recalls “the original concept for Chances With Wolves was to present overlooked, hauntingly beautiful music of all genres.” Simple enough premise, but these guys have hardly played the same song twice in four years.

They’re at once master crate-diggers and focused googlers of rare vinyl rips, yet aren’t afraid to showcase fresh, new beats. It’s eclecticism that works: genre is obliterated and replaced by a coherent and graceful aesthetic. The show listens more like a DJ set than a radio show, hosted mostly by echoing wolf howls with quippy samples for on-air IDs. Their show archive hosts a glut of old, obscure music that’s fit for casual listening, but potentially a deep, deep rabbit hole for the curious listener. (words from aquarium drunkard)

On Cool Hunting you can see an interview with the guys behind Changes With Wolves.