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Matt Tammaro photographer from New York

Where will life take you this summer?
I’ve been traveling for work for 6 weeks now to New York, Toronto, and Miami, and now it’s looking like Dubai and Singapore could be next.

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What was your favorite Meltin’Pot product to work with and why?
I like the classic guy’s blue jeans with 
a white tee, because it’s pretty much 
my daily uniform.

MP_SS15_Matt Tammaro (28)
Does the location where you live and work influence your way of working?
Definitely! I’m constantly inspired by the natural environment I’m in. My work changes so much when I am in LA compared to when I’m back home in Canada.

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What is your ultimate favourite 
summer song?
Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison. There’s nothing better than the feeling of sun after a seemingly never ending winter.

Matt Tammaro (NEW YORK)  is a Canadian photographer who now calls Los Angeles his home.
He began drawing and painting at an early age and slowly shifted towards photography. The relationship that he has with people and nature is special and it shows in his pics. He has been published in a number of magazines and blogs like Neon, Nylon, Vogue.

“Always want more from where you are at”.