A little piece of History

Our enduring passion for denim draws from a rich heritage and sophisticated expertise that give us the means to transform the perfect jeans from mere dreams
into vivid reality.
Our story is one of a long journey from the golden years of Italian manufacturing excellence to present day nspiration and commitment to the highest quality, in terms of materials, details and, of course, style.

It was 1967 when Cosimo Romano pulled together a group of artisans to create a company specializing in workwear clothing, as if foreseeing the wave of enthusiasm that would take hold of entire working generations, Hollywood heroes and teenage idols and that would soon conquer Italy.
Fascinated by the American easy-to-wear culture and by the challenge of taking on this ‘rough fabric,’ Cosimo proved to be a true pioneer in the jeanswear industry, developing superior and innovative production processes in a multifaceted approach to denim.

During the 80’s the company excelled, yielding highly successful products and becoming the primary supplier of many major international jeanswear and ready-to-wear brands.
In 1994, the company undertook its biggest challenge ever, one that would take it into the modern era. This turning point was the launch of the independent label Meltin’Pot, which even today continues to be the core business of Romano Spa and a unique player in contemporary denim culture.