KLSH Collection

The point of view of HYPEBEAST about Meltin’Pot KLSH Collection.

“In a world filled with quantity-over-quality denim labels and fast-fashion overproduction, a notable exception emerges via Italian-based Meltin’Pot. Having already made significant inroads into the market with its “Icons” segment of denim and apparel, the label mature’s its brand positioning with the introduction of the “KLSH” collection for Fall/Winter 2012. Inspired by the juxtaposition of youthful energy, music, art and culture, the Meltin’Pot “KLSH” title gives nod to founder Augusto Romano’s unique ability to blend the synergy of chaos and maturity of all four elements into an impressively chic and sartorial aesthetic. We recently sat down with Romano to discuss the history and underpinnings of the Meltin’Pot label, the inspiration for expanding into the KLSH subcategory, as well as a brief overview of the label’s hopes for the future.”

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