Juliet Polilova always smiles!

Where will life take you this summer?
I’m going to travel around Europe – from Germany to England and will finish my 
vacations on the hot Spanish beaches.

What was your inspiration/starting point for the shoot?
My city. I love it from top to toe, every single street, every single corner and district. 
So I decided to show you my favorite 
Moscow spots where you spend evening and nights and meet new days.

Does the location where you live and work influence your way of working?
It does actually. Moscow is one of the 
biggest cities in the world, it’s crowded, it’s fast, it pushes you to be better than others and to make decisions quickly. So i’m used to the intensive style of working!


Juliet Polilova (MOSCOW)
Juliet is a Russian student blogging about her personal style, things that inspire and fashion events from Moscow and all over the world.
She is able to mix high fashion with street pieces, passing from slip-on sneakers to high heels: but used jeans are always guaranteed in her best outfits.
She loves to follow fashionshows as much as escaping from Moscow and discover the countryside.

She always smiles cause “Every smile makes you a day younger”.