Jimmy Marble believe in us all!

What was your inspiration/starting point for the shoot?
Getting to share parts of Los Angeles that not everyone knows about or sees.

Are there any anecdotes to tell about the shoot? Some funny things happened?
Everyone on the crew, we learned, was going through a breakup. So it was a real camaraderie building thing to figure out. Sounds dark, but it was actually fun.


Does the location where you live and work influence your way of working?
100%. LA is a daily influence on me, from the people who live here and do inspiring things, to the colors of the buildings, to the plants. Everything gives me wild creative energy.

What is your ultimate favourite summer song?
“Escape” by Rupert Holmes.

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Jimmy Marble lives and works in Los Angeles.  He make movies, music videos, and takes pictures, also draws pictures and builds cool objects. His work has been featured by Booooooooom, Devour, Boing Boing, Flaunt Magazine, Pitchfork Media, Urban Outfitters, io9, The Daily What, It’s Nice That, as well as other cool websites.  His short films have screened at the Atlanta Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival, Oxford Film Festival, and the Hollyshorts Film Festival. Jimmy is half of the art duo JIMMYnADI.

“I believe in us all.”

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