Jack Belli is a 24 year old photographer from Costa Mesa, CA. He had always liked film and video stuff, but it wasn’t until college that photography really sparked a serious interest. He bought a Canon 7D after a surfing trip to Japan in order to capture the places and people he was experiencing and has continued taking photographs ever since. As he put it: “I didn’t really set out to be a photographer, it just kind of happened, and I am really glad it did!

Tell us something about the Meltin’Pot  photography you did in Los Angeles?

I shot around LA with model couple Faith and Filip. They were so easy and fun to work with. We just kept it very natural and candid and had a fun time shooting the product.

What was your favorite Meltin’Pot product to work with?

The basic tops were my favorite because it fit my personal style of simple clothing and how I would dress.

We see you ride old choppers and shoot a lot of your friends riding them. What sparked your interest in motorcycles?

I grew up around racing and fast cars, so I have always been drawn to this kind of stuff. I could never afford my own motorcycle but I always thought they were awesome. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I had enough money to get my own. They are so much fun to mess around with, shoot photos from and to have a hobby outside of shooting photos that I can enjoy with my buddies.



You started taking surf photos – do you surf yourself as well?

I don’t do too much surfing nowadays. I surfed every day growing up and that’s what started getting me into photography. I have kind of moved on from that and don’t shoot it very much now. I still love to surf and try to do it whenever I can.

When in front of a jukebox, what album would you pick?

Depends on my mood, haha. I have been listening to Wilbert Harrison a lot; that seems fitting for a jukebox.


What’s your favorite food place in LA?

I dont go out much in LA, so off the top of my head probably In ‘n’ Out!

What’s next Jack?!

I just signed with an agency and have some projects I am excited to be involved in! So I guess just keep shooting and putting my work out there for people to see!