Meltin’Pot special jeans made with malt finally on sale!

The innovative treatment and finishing on denim was developed together with the Master Brewers of Cantina Ceci and in collaboration with laundry Wash Italia.

Born from the direct study of the brewing  techniques, the first malt jeans is the result of all-natural treatments, using roasted barley and dark beer, on a vintage denim fabric.

You can buy it on our online store, Melton D2013 ND300

Meltin’Pot has simulated the traditional operations of beer fermentation: their characteristic vapours led a special dirty and a natural 3D effect to the denim texture, with particular nuances on the trousers length, where the indigo blue dyes into brown.
A completely natural process, that gives the jeans an intense malt fragrance too.


Danilo, barman in Milan

Passionate about taste for a long time, both in drinking than in eating, since a few years involved in the world of cocktails. He always found it curious to pull something to drink to a dish, cultivating a real passion for beer and trying to put it into a culinary context.
Two years ago he joined ElitaBar in Milan as barman. His philosophy of life? “Everyday you can learn something new”