The Chinos, the item that nobody can miss!

This cool style has an amazing  story.   The name is due to its original usage: they were the pants used by the Philippines farmers that the american soldiers called with the spanish name chinos.

During the II World War this kind of pants were given to the american soldier as official uniform.

After the II World War, the American students start to wear this pant in the campus where they welcomed the ex soldiers and help them to re-insert themselves into the society again.

It’s belong to the story and  product culture of Meltin’Pot brand, with a cool and performing fitting that  interprets a cool look, military,  sporty and stylish at the same time.

Since 1994, year of foundation of the brand, we have always designed this item, following the trends but never loosing his authentic soul.

At the beginning our chino was particularly baggy and choosed by the coolest skaters in the world thanks to the extreme comfort for the movement.

In time, we changed the fit making them more fashion and sophisticated.

For the summer season we made  them with light gabardine fabric, perfect for hot temperatures.  Discover the new slim and cropped chino Lamar  and more classic Simon-MP002 in several colors.

You can combine this style with denim jacket Jheremy or with suede trucker jacket Jano