Live art in the Meltin’Pot flagship store with BASIK

Saturday 25th FebruaryMeltin’Pot presented its exclusive KLSH Collection ”Live Now. Apologize Later and played host to artist Basik!

Saturday 25th February saw the Meltin’Pot flagship store in Riccione, Italy, throwing open it’s doors to a cool crowd with a celebratory aperitif for the launch of its new and exclusive KLSH collection and also its special artist in residency- Basik.

BASIK creates live art in the Meltin’Pot flagship store
London based, Rimini born artist- BASIK (Lucio Bolognesi), an extremely cool, illustrator, graphic designer, writer and painter who masterfully uses pencils, crayons, markers, computers… anything that can actually create a stroke – created more than a stroke on the walls of the Meltin’Pot store. Whilst the public looked on, BASIK created his interpretation of the KLSH slogan “ Live Now. Apologise Later” on the walls of the store to the rockabilly musical accompaniment selected by guest DJ Vice. BASIK who was in town especially for this commission, created a colourful opera and made his mark once again, resulting in an amazing addition to the flagship store that truly brings alive the spirit of the new KLSH collection which is available now at the Meltin’Pot store viale Virgilio, 17 c/o Palacongressi – Riccione.